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First Presbyterian

A Community Serving and

Worshipping Jesus Christ our Lord

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00 am

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                                   Sunday Morning 10:20am

What We Believe

Core Values of The First Presbyterian Church of Bishop

The life and work God calls us to engage in are as follows:

1. To be a place of Vision where God's intentions and direction are sought by the church's leadership and pursued by the people as a whole.

2. To be a people who engage in Outreach by seeking to befriend those who have no church background, by sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with those who have yet to experience it, and by demonstrating with our lives what it means to participate in the kingdom of God.

3. To be a place of Worship and Celebration where our dependence on God is continually affirmed, and where (in the words of the Shorter Catechism) God is not only "glorified" but is also "enjoyed forever".

4. To be a family of believers whose life and faith extend beyond Sunday mornings, so that worship, prayer and learning continue to occur outside scheduled Worship Services and Sunday School.

5. To be a people who are dedicated to the Proclamation of the Truth, where biblical information is not just imparted, but where spiritual life skills are also developed. 

6. To be a people of Prayer, who don't just know about God but who are also personally acquainted with God, and who converse with God -- regularly, easily, and effectually.

7. To be men and women known for our Excitement, and for whom faith is not a burdensome obligation but a joyous adventure. 

8. To be a place which embraces and practices Shared Leadership, where the giftedness of God's people is continually affirmed, and where the entire congregation serves as "the church's ministers". 

9. To be a people who excel at giving Love and Care to our neighbors, but especially to one another.


    First Presbyterian Church
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    Bishop, CA 93514
    Telephone: (760) 872-2261

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